Leverage the popularity of phablets with mobile website

It was quite recently that the news of Air China coming up with a mobile website for its US-based customers was doing the rounds; in fact, it was all over the place. Well, you yourself may not be one of the customers, but you can at least decipher the hidden meaning behind this piece of news. What you need to comprehend is that it is high time you build a mobile website and assure your customers that you are easily accessible and if they require any information, they need no necessarily give you a call. Of course, you can choose not to do so.

Build A Mobile Website

However, with the number of smartphones, tablets, and phablets rising with each passing day, it may not be one of the sensible decisions to make. In fact, earlier, you may not have taken this idea seriously as not many of customers would have access to smartphones a few years back. Interestingly, now, most of them are likely to have phablets and can therefore, take a look at the content of your website with utter ease. So, even if you have not built one yet, it is time that you make the most of this opportunity and tell your customers that even you are changing with time; changing for good.

Why a mobile website is perfect for phablets?

Technically, phablets have big screens (read: 5 inches and more); so, your customers should not face a problem in browsing your website, sharing interesting information with others through the means of Facebook and Twitter, participate in any ongoing contests, and do a lot more. Furthermore, customers who buy such phones anyway use them to surf the internet; so, when you have a website, they are likely to visit it as well. However, for those who do not have phablets, you can always rely on text message software.


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