Build a mobile website

Build A Mobile WebsiteWireless technology has become the greatest invention of the modern world. It sets an example of the limitless vision and imagination of man. Wireless technology started with generic version of a mobile device which worked on radio waves. It is called wireless because it is not connected with any wire for the transmission of voice. It used radio waves frequency to transmit voice from one location to another. Initially, a wireless phone had only voice call feature and the distance of voice transfer was very limited. Later, wireless phone came with better voice transfer quality and the workable are increased. In no time, wireless phone started supporting data features. Initially, data feature was limited to text messaging and this was an optional feature. Only few devices supported both feature, most of the devices either supported data or voice calls only. Earlier, mobile devices were large and heavy with a keyboard. Soon, the design changed to smaller and sleeker designs. Compact design made it easy to carry a mobile in a pocket or purse.

Today, wireless phone can not only support voice call and text messaging but are also web enabled. This means that a user can browse internet, send and receive emails, can access social sites, a wireless phone can be use as GPS tracking device. The extraordinary development in wireless technology has brought a revolution in telecommunication. People can communicate and connect faster. It is this benefit of wireless phone that has made it an effective and most creative tool for marketing and promotional campaigns. Marketers need to create customer awareness about their product and services; they used telesales call to contact potential customers. But telesales calls are expensive and considered a hassle by people. Instead, marketers now take the advantage of text message marketing to reach the potential customers or inform them about a new launch or discount deals. Also, text messaging is considered non intrusive, in today’s busy lifestyle, people do not prefer to take sales call whereas; a text message can be received without any intrusion since it does not demand instant response like a voice call.

Build A Mobile Website

The advent of web enabled phone, marketers are opting to build mobile website of their product and services. People prefer to access internet via mobile than a laptop or desktop. Almost all social sites and search engines have developed a version for mobiles. It is prudent to build a mobile website to increase the customer reach. Users can also subscribe for the mailing list or mobile updates. This will help the marketers to reach customers and inform them about new updates or discount deals to their interested customers through text message. Also, people like to forward text message updates to friends and family, this help to increase awareness about the product and service and customer outreach.


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