Effective Marketing: Bulk SMS

Bulk SMSMobile marketing has gained immense success and popularity. The reason is; to reach a mobile phone is convenient. The convenience of a mobile is due to its easy accessibility. Unlike, a fixed landline phone, mobile phone can be carried anywhere. Mobile phones also support text messaging along with voice calls. Previously, mobile phones were expensive and were beyond the reach of the masses. Due to the development of telecommunication technology, mobile phones cost much cheaper than a fixed phone line. Marketing strategies are planned to create customer awareness of the product and services. Many good products have failed in the market due to poor marketing campaigns. To survive is a cut throat competition, manufacturers and suppliers have to generate effective customer interest in the product and services offered along with an increase in customer outreach. To extend the shelf span of a product, customer recall is necessary; this is possible, if customers are fully aware of the utility and features of the product.

More marketers are opting for mobile marketing. Foremost reason is; text messaging. Through text messaging, any sales message can reach customers faster and without interruption. Mobile providers also offer the service of bulk sms; through this facility a user can send one message to number of recipients at the cost of one text message. This makes mobile marketing manifold cheaper than voice calls or one text message per person. The benefit is; on one click, a text message can reach many customers within minutes. For a marketer, mobile text marketing helps to reach more customers in less cost. Also, text messaging is non intrusive service; a voice call can disturb a receiver, in case he or she is in a meeting or driving whereas; a text message can be sent without interrupting the user. Even if the device is switched off, a text message can be sent to the user and will be received once the device is switched on. Since, a text message does not go straight to the user’s device but reaches the data center and then transferred to the device.

Bulk sms services offer excellent opportunity for marketers to create effective text message campaigns to generate greater visibility of the product and services offered. To increase the profitability of a company, it is imperative that more customers become aware of the product, its specification and utility in their lives. Mobile marketing has proved to be more effective than telesales calls or emails.


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