Mobile Website – Making Browsing Easier!

Mobile Website Most of the people today, especially the youth prefer using iPhone or Android phones. These phones consist of ‘mobile web’ enables a person to access to internet services which are browser based. These phones are connected to mobile internet or wireless network. In 2010, according to a report, 73 billion Americans have access to web via mobile browser. Google’s research shows that queries via mobile browser have increased three times from 2009 to 2011.There have been a rapid increase in the number of mobile web browsers which has pursued the creation of mobile websites. These websites are designed in such a way that they are optimized to the Smartphone display. There are a number of advantages which have led people to use the mobile web in such a large rate.

  • Advantages
    • It improves the experience of the users in using the mobile web as Smartphone let people enjoy mobile browsing.
    • The download speed of the mobile websites suits the standards of mobiles and one has to wait less while downloading applications.
    • This also allows users to find their location in any geographic proximity.
    • One can access to mobile website anywhere and anytime. It allows one to have constant connectivity with others.
  • Mobile websites v/s standard websites
    • Studies have shown that in standard websites, mobile web users have a horrible experience in navigating and viewing websites.
    • Standard websites are not compatible for viewing via mobiles.
    • While mobile compatible websites have raised the ranking of mobile search
    • The browsing speed is faster than that a standard website making browsing pleasurable for the users.
    • In mobile websites browsing is clear while in standard ones it is usually distorted.
    • Mobile websites also allows people to access to mobile marketing easily.
  • Limitations
    • The sizes of the mobile screen are small making it hard for people to see the graphics and texts.
    • Multitasking is not possible like in computer desktops. But, browsers like OperaMini allow multiple browsers though limited.
    • Most of the mobile phones do not have mouse- click pointers making navigation inflexible.
    • Most mobiles do not support JavaScript and cookies storage (except Smartphones)
    • When advertisements reach users in personal location, users find it distressful and if the user is abroad then the more charges apply.

Despite these limitations, most of the mobile phone has now overcome these restrictions with the development in technology. This has made people’s life easier in browsing for information anywhere and at anytime.


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