SMS Marketing- Fastest Mobile Marketer

SMS MarketingSMS marketing is the most recent form of advertisement by the advertising companies to promote their products. Every person has a mobile phone today, so it becomes easy for the entrepreneurs to interact with the customers. Today there are nearly about 2 billion text messaging users in the world.


  • It is the cheapest way to promote one’s products and establish a profitable business.
  • It saves a lot of money which was earlier used in promotional campaigns.
  •  SMS marketing is better than e-mails because people today prefer more information in hand than checking e-mails.
  • SMSs can be customised with a few mouse clicks and are delivered instantly.
  • These messages are opt –in, so the messages are sent to only those who have requested them. It becomes easy for both new and existing users to receive such messages.
  • No more papers are wasted! This not only reduces waste but also gets stored in the users’ phone.

Uses of SMS in marketing

  • Remind the subscribers about special events.
  • Delivering news and information
  • Engage phone users in various contests
  • Used for surveying and polling

SMS marketing in India

Communication with the clients, associates, stakeholders and employees is very important in business. Maintaining connection in today’s highly competitive market has become really expensive and complex. So, commercial ads are no more cost effective. There SMS marketing has become a reliable, cost effective and technologically advanced facility in India in the recent years. The SMS marketing enterprises provide the following to reduce the mobility of the customers:

  • Increase the communication speed with its customers to raise efficiency of the enterprise
  • Reduce the internal and external communication costs remarkably.
  • Personalised interaction with customers.
  • Introducing advertisements to connect with new customers


  • Firstly, the SMS has a character limit, .i.e. only 160 characters. It is good for personal use but not for sellers to interact with its customers. This character limit varies among different countries.
  •  Another problem is that messages may not get to its destination as the middleman is not just one body and some may not want to deal with particular brands. After that everyone do not have unlimited messages. So it becomes expensive for customers.

Though it is fast, short, crisp and easy to access but too much intended messages by companies promoting products gets irritating, so those working for these companies should give a serious thought.


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