Text Message Campaigns – The Mass Audience Advertising

Text Message CampaignsPeople living in all places around the globe are getting closer to each other with the introduction of more advanced communication and interaction techniques. Telephones and mobile phones are the most popular communication devices, as they help a person interact with another who is miles apart physically. Not just this, mobile phones and mobile communication come with an array of features such as text messages, multimedia messages, voice calls etc. Anyone with a mobile phone and a network can send SMS, which are text based messages. SMS has helped many people to communicate and interact when they cannot perform a voice call or cannot afford to do so.

Short Message Service is used my entrepreneurs and professionals to promote their business and service. These text message SMS acts as a medium through which advertisements can be sent to mass audience. In technical terms, such text messages used for advertising purposes and sent to mass audience are called as bulk messages. And the process of advertising using these bulk messages are known as text message campaigns. Many service providers offer bulk message services and advertising solutions.  Certain SMS and text message software are available in the internet with which bulk messages can be sent with more efficiency.

Text message campaigns are very common these days. You pick our mobile phone and get to see at least ten advertising text messages in our inbox every day. All types of services like hospitals, banks, home appliance dealers, colleges, coaching institutes, travel agencies etc. advertise about their products and services with the help of these text message campaigns. These campaigns also give details about discounts, new offers etc. about a brand or a company.

Text message campaigns are so common that even the small and budding companies prefer this medium to increase their customer base and add more points to their brand value. But, at the same time the over use of these campaigns disturb the mass audience as their inbox gets flooded with advertisements and promotional offers which is generally not favored. Though the user may be interested in a couple of messages, the plenty of other messages disturb and irritate the user. In some cases, the mobile phone users have resorted to lodging complaints about certain bulk message services for disturbing more than the appreciable limit. Mobile connection providers offer ‘Do not Disturb’ Services with which a mobile user can block specific text message campaigns.


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