The Bulk SMS Technology

Bulk SMS TechnologyThe marketing and promotion of products and services has become quite important in today’s speeding economy for an organization. The actual success of an organization now actually depends on how well they are able to market their products. Also a very fast marketing technology has to be used which can reach masses and at the same time be time saving and cost effective. The bulk SMS technology serves this purpose quite effectively.

Sending instant discrete messages is undertaken by SMS while the medium of Bulk SMS enables an organization or institution to reach with the same notification to the masses at the same time.

There are many advantages of this technology but the most eminent one is its time saving feature that makes it so much preferred. One can send thousands of SMS many people in just a few minutes.

A great deal of software that allows the use of Bulk SMS directly from the personal computer is available on the internet. Also there are numerous bulk SMS web sites that provide the gateway for bulk SMS and also provide all the related services necessary for any type and size of organization. The Bulk SMS solutions include user-friendly software that makes the task of sending messages in bulk quite easy.

The software is encrypted with guides regarding the installation and the usage. Also these can be linked with Outlook or Lotus. Online Bulk SMS service has provided a boost to the businesses so as to effectively face the cut throat competition prevailing in the whole global scenario.

The Bulk SMS technology is loaded with many great features. The Bulk SMS feature is a method of direct communication that covers all the cellular networks of the world from the ease of home. Also, the bulk SMS technology automatically inserts names and surnames, has an advanced number-management system, SMS scheduling, group messaging, SMS history and also integration with the existing systems using a web service interface such as HTTP.

The history of the genesis of this technology dates back to the 1980s. This was text messaging firstly initiated by CEPT Group GSM. This was followed by the MMs technology by the Japanese J-Phone in the year 2001.

Now every generation has effectively adopted SMSs. This is among the few services of the world which despite being highly demanded is the least priced. And the Bulk SMS service takes advantage of this feature to promote their products.


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