Text Marketing- An Outperforming Form of Marketing

Text MarketingText marketing has become a common form of marketing in today’s world economy. For all forms of goods and services this form of marketing is used because of the many advantages and benefits that it offers in comparison to the traditional marketing counterparts.

Text messages have a very high open-rate and response rate in comparison to the other traditional counterparts. Offers and coupons which are sent via text messages have a high redemption rate which is around ten times the other forms of marketing. This marks the success for this form of marketing.

Compared to all the traditional forms of marketing such as commercials, print ads, outdoor advertising and sponsorship, this form of marketing is very cheap. The set-up is quite low and forms just a fraction of the costs involved in case of the other forms. The maintenance and operating cost is low as well for text marketing.

It thus provides a very high return on investment because there is no other marketing form which provides such highly responsive result with such a minimal cost. This makes this form of marketing so successful and a must for all business establishments across the globe.

People usually carry 3 thinks with them comprising of keys, wallet and their phone. No other electronic gadget is as close as a mobile phone for humans nowadays. Hence it forms a personal part of our lives. This shows the potential for mobile marketing and its credibility as well. Text form of marketing can be customized according to need of the user and can be sent into his/her mobile phone within seconds. This mobile phone being always with the person increases the reading rate of the offer.

Being very fast and flexible is the back bone for such a form of marketing as in today’s dynamic scenario no marketing campaign can survive without being swift in adapting to the changes in the business and the external environment. Text messages can be sent within a few seconds with new contents whenever required and that too in a cheap form. This helps the organizations to immediately counter the competitors’ strategies.

The text marketing can be done effectively by sending the text messages directly to the targeted people. Traditional form of marketing lacked this and had to be broad-casted for all.

Most of the text marketing campaigns consists of offers and this makes the users happy as they are incentivized.


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