SMS Marketing: The New Level of Business

SMS MarketingIn today’s world, everything is changing rapidly and there is a need to have faster and more accurate technologies in order to communicate with the world better. In fact with the upsurge in knowledge and current developments sand discoveries, communication has risen to new heights. Communication and all the connected technologies have condensed the world to a universal village and made it possible to reconnect or talk with people sitting in the all or any of the different parts of the world.

Latest surveys and statistics have revealed that mobile phones and cellular devices like the iPad and other tabs have become top grossing and top notch appliances that have replaced even the laptops and personal computers as the most popular devices of all times. In fact they are now being compared to wallets and identity cards as people find it difficult to leave homes without them. Another very important fact is that their availability as well as affordability has made them popular with people belonging to lower strata of the society. Government policies have made this possible with everyone.

The newest technology to do the rounds of the market is the SMS Marketing. The main reasons for its immense popularity are the fact that it is one of the cheapest methods as compared to mailing and direct advertising procedures. Advertising techniques involve a lot of money and especially if they are to be used as banners and propagated to a larger audience. Another reason is that people have mobile phones with them 24*7 and thus tend to read every message they get. Thus the chances of the message not reaching them are virtually impossible and hence unlike emails, they are not sent to trash or junk mail. When a person reads a message, it offers an effective and instant response to the message and many a time, leads to a correct action.

Most businessmen and entrepreneurs make sure that they couple their messages special offers and promotions and thus these are very effective and most people also respond to it. Thanks to cheap SMS rates, people send interesting messages to their peers and colleagues, thus propagating them further. Another very interesting feature that makes mobile marketing cheap and effective is the fact that many of these subscribers have a system known as the 2-way SMS messaging is enabled. This Enabling makes it possible for customers and clients to send text replies to the campaign and it thus becomes easy to gauge the success rate and affectivity immediately.


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