Text Message Blasting – An Effective Tool to Promote Sales

The vast progress in mobile technology today has facilitated several business entities to capitalize on the various mobile applications to widen their marketing process. Building a mobile database of your clients is an effective means to attract more sales out of your business. With the help of this database, you can use technique such as text message blasting that will help to enhance your sales and increase customer visits to your store, resulting in more profit margins.

Text Marketing
Following are some of the reasons for using text message marketing blast to your clients:

• Enhances sales on lean period
It is a common feature that there are lean days in a month when your sales are not at the desired level. To overcome this issue, you need to send an offer of discount for a day only through text message and watch how your sales boost up.

• Try to move excess stock
If you are in need to sell extra stock that are obsolete in style or out of fashion, you can access text marketing to advertise an offer only for those products you want to sell off. Many of the businesses can negotiate with buyers at a lesser price for bulk order.

• Make seasonal offer
It is a fact that many businesses suffer a setback in their sales during the extreme winter and rainy seasons. Naturally the clients may hesitate to move out of their homes in the adverse climatic conditions. You can take advantage of such situations and send text message blasting announcing “Rainy season offer” to boost your sales.

• Introduce a new product
It is quite natural that the suppliers are always interested to dump the new products in your inventory. In order to know the client reception for such new products, you can use text marketing to test how the new products move among the clients, prior to placing order for a larger quantity.

• Contest campaigning
You can enhance the awareness of your products among the clients through making use of bulk SMS and engaging them in contests and lucky dip etc. This can facilitate you to absorb more clients in to your fold.

• Increase website traffic
You can send bulk SMS that facilitates you to cross-promote your Face book page will surely enhance traffic to your site. Also, you can send the link of your Face book page and invite the clients to post the favorite things of your business. Also, you can encourage them by rewarding the best posts with gift vouchers that can enhance your brand awareness in the internet.






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