9 Important Features of Text SMS Marketing

  1. Mobile Keywords – With the help of these keywords, you are able to interact with customers, and when someone sends a text message to your mobile phone number, it gets automatically updated in your database.
  2. Text Blasting – With the help of bulk SMS texting, you can reach out to all your mobile contacts easily. If you send information that is valuable for your audience, it can be sent effectively and easily at a lower cost.
  3. Mobile Inbox – The inbox collects all your messages of audience responses. Moreover, it can be used to respond to customer questions.
  4. API – Using the mobile API system, you can easily plug into your existing application and access unique solutions that are available on request.
  5. Coupons – The mobile coupons are used with a mobile keyword or sent in a text message blast. Great coupon messages can be sent to your audience with the help of this tool.
  6. Mobile to screen service – With the help of mobile to screen services, users are able to submit text messages which can be broadcasted on a website, monitor or screen. This service is perfect for all sizes of the mobile device.
  7. Website Plug in – This is a tool which can collect contacts from Facebook page or any other website. After you have created your widget using this tool, all your sign ups would be added to your contacts.
  8. Surveys – Mobile surveys are one of the most important tools of text SMS marketing for market research. These surveys help you pose questions and track the responses in real time.
  9. Rewards – Rewarding your customers is the easiest and most cost-effective way of building customer loyalty and this can be done easily with the help of SMS marketing software.

Text Message Marketing


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