3 Best Video Players for Android

Android OS based devices are gaining tremendous popularity amongst mobile owners today due to their amazing features and user-friendliness. In fact, this is the only OS system that has affected the growth of various other devices including popular iPhone. There are numerous reasons behind the popularity of the device such as a large variety of free apps for various available easily to download. Android OS provides its users an opportunity to enjoy everything they like including games, music, news and even videos. In this article, we will focus on 3 best video players for Android devices.


1. MX Player: Undoubtedly, this is among the top and most versatile video players present in the market today. Apart from improving the quality of the video with the help of advanced codecs, this player provides various additional features including child lock. It also allows the user to switch between the hardware and the software decoder that permits the user to select whether to use the device or the player to decode the file.


2. VLC Media Player: a player that is extremely popular among personal computer users and is known to be compatible with different kinds of video files and format, VLC has been in the beta development phase since then. This player is flawless even at higher resolutions, and also considers as the simplest and extremely impressive players among various other options available in the market.

Google Play Movies3. Google Play Movies: Developed by Google, this video layer plays movies directly streamed from the Google Play’s movie section. Different users can purchase a digital copy of the movie or rent a movie for a couple of days. The interesting part is that the list of movies in Google’s database is virtually endless and the online streaming is extremely optimized for a perfect display on even the cheapest Android devices.

The above mentioned players will definitely make your movie and video watching experience extremely interesting and clear. You may download these players on Google play or if you are unable to download these directly due to some issues, you may also search for websites that provide free download of video players for your Android devices. Apart from the above mentioned players, you may also select other players such as Real Player and V Player. While downloading these apps, make sure to check that the apps are virus and Waldemar free to save your device and personal information.


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