Different Video Player for Android Latest Version

The present era is the era of android phones. The android phone has become the best source of entertainment now days. This device is also used by people to watch movies and videos as it has a screen large enough to cater the purpose. To enhance the viewing experience, there are number of video players offered by the android app store. These apps surely enrich the overall experience of watching a movie on an android tablet or phone. Even though the manufacturers provide number of video players inbuilt in the system but still you can download other players that are there in the Play Store. Let’s learn about some of the popular video player for android latest version:

VLC Media Player: This player is famous among the PC users as it is known to manage various kinds of video files. It was in mid 2012 that it was introduced in the Android ecosystem as well. It has been in beta development stage since its introduction. Although the complete version is not out yet, there are number of users who are using the beta version. The reason for this is that this version offers all those features that are present in desktop version. The video playback feature is amazing at higher resolutions also and it offers some of the simplest music player.

VLC Media Player

MX Player: If you are looking for the most versatile player in the Play Store then MX Player is what you should be looking for. It enhances the video quality via various codes and also has a facility of child lock as well. This feature allows you to put restrictions on the access to various apps and other facilities on your phone while it is being used by someone else. It also gives the option to select between software or hardware decoder.

MX Video Player

Google Play Movies: This video player for android latest version is developed and designed by Google. It is used to play movies directly from the Play Store’s movie selection. The user has the flexibility of purchasing the digital copy of any movie or can even rent it for few days. Google’s offers an endless list of movies and the streaming is modified for splendid display.

Google Play Movies

RealPlayer and VPlayer are some of the other video players that are also popular among users. Maximum of these players can be downloaded completely free of cost which also helps in boosting up the sales.


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