Instant Marketing – How does Text Messaging Work for Marketers?

The marketing scenario in today’s’ times is such that it forces every business to create a strong communicative perseverance. Information needs to reach the consumer quick and precisely, and ample mediums have been developed to do so effectively. Communication methods have evolved at an exponential rate in the last 50 years or so, Businesses need to reach an extensive amount of consumers in over to survive in the industry, and the scale of marketing sometimes becomes the pivotal factor in determining company’s market leadership. SMS text messaging is one of the few ways in which massive audiences get to know about a business’s product or service.

SMS Text Messaging Marketing

What are the benefits of SMS text messaging with respect to marketing?
It has been noted that an average consumer sends around 200 messages a month. The figures increase as we veer towards the demographic group of 20-35, and the responses rates are also staggering for consumers who belong to this group. Lots of research has been done on to cultivate how does text messaging work with respect to marketing, and some of the reasons are as follows :-

Benefits of SMS text messaging

The world today is festered with advertisements, promotions and publicity stunts of every kind. The consumer today wants something which would not shout at them to buy this product or avail that service, but just perform the function of disseminating information. Text messaging is an ideal option for this purpose.

Personal and mass appeal simultaneously
Text messages help you to reach individual customer, yet it has a large coverage. The affordability and the personal message delivering ability are some of the major reasons which make text message marketing such a popular option.

The swift manner in which messages can be distributed by text messages or through the internet makes them a preferred choice for seasonal manufacturers to spread information about discounts, limited period offers etc. This helps to take advantage of temporary situations beneficial to the business.

Post promotion benefits
The quick response time and the easy response process facilitates in tracking leads and keep a record of the customers who are potential prospects for conversion into sales.

Text messaging is a marketer’s delight as it is quick, easy to track, and has a mass appeal, especially with the profit generating group of youngsters. Its use promises grand success for entrepreneurs.


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