App Install Platform: Help Acquires High Volume of Installs

If you’ve just built an Android app or iOS app, and you’re confident of that your app works on every device and will surely be liked by the customers. You have tested all the parameters, and observed no competitors in your niche. After launching it, you need to go ahead to get a maximum number of download to it.

Next day when you eagerly check out how many people have downloaded your app, and find only 10 or 12 downloads, and not even a single review about your app. This will show, something is not right with your marketing strategy. For an app developer, this is one of the most demotivating factors to see only a few numbers of download.

install of app
# Steps in App Promotion

So you need to find the solution to this problem. You need to learn to promote it now. You can start the process by contacting to app promotion platform, which you can find on the internet. For find the best option you can ask your friends who have already used their services. Try to read reviews, and analyze market prior you make any final decision.

Yes, no one can deny the fact that app install campaigns help promote your app among your potential customers & targeted area. Although you’ve to share a few details with them, they can help you by giving you a right approach that will lead to increased brand awareness and mindshare.

• Have a look onto the points how promotion platform helps to get installs of your app:  
# Campaign Set Up

When you contact to app install & promotion platform, they’ll provide you with the full details of campaign setup related to your app promotion & advertising. All this will be really helpful for app developers and also help them understand which ads are most effective for their particular app.

# Build Your Ads    

The app install & ad platform make sure that your customers are viewing promotional content across search, display, and video. This is the right way to reach to your potential customers in all those places. They will build ads using creative formats in DoubleClick Bid Manager to generate your display ads instantly.

# Reach Your Customers

The best way of targeting your customers is through Facebook Ads, which is so powerful as compared to other advertising platforms. It will help you putting your ads in front of the right audience, and when we talk about right audience, it means from demographics, location, and interest of your customers.

# Bottom Line

Running promotional app install campaigns can help drive more traffic & customers to your apps. You can talk to your app promotion platform about getting started with these campaigns.


Learn How Cost per Install Ad Networks Grow Your User Base Quickly

If you’re an app developer, just launched a new app your main work starts after your app launches in the marketplace. This is the biggest challenge to reaching out to people who fit your target profile and make them aware of your app, and lastly to convince them to download your new app. Today, app developers have a variety of choice & methods to promote their apps and motivate users to install their apps. So, what is the best way to advertise your app?

Cost per install ad network

Yes, when you post about your app on other popular apps category, share information on social media, blog sites and mobile websites, then more people get to know about it, and you’re likely to get more clicks. But, have you heard the term CPI that is called as Cost-Per-Install that matters the most when it comes to app marketing, let’s know about it in detail:

Cost-Per-Install (CPI)

CPI model is a perfect choice for app developers and advertisers, especially those are looking for cost efficient ways to raise the app downloads. It is because app developer has to pay only when the users download the app, so when more & more users download your app the more you have to pay, but in both situations benefit is all yours.

Why CPI?

It’s a freemium way to promote the smartphone app, but there are other free mediums to market app like social media where you can promote your app for free. So, how CPI is different from others, the channels like social media can only help drive traffic to your app but not assure app installs. While CPI model offer you guaranteed installs and also help increases the app store rankings of your app.

cpm advertising network

Now when you know about Cost per Install, and how it works for your app. So, let’s have a look at the best Cost per Install networks that you should choose.

  • Mobhero
  • AdMob
  • InMobi
  • MoreMint
  • Leadbolt

Find Your Users’ & Create Awareness

This overall process & strategy is to ensure successful mobile app advertising, and help drive awareness and installations in the best way. The more are the customers’ aware of your app will lead to users search for it, find and install it. But, how you do it is totally up to you, the best thing you can do is using performance-based advertising that also ensures that you’re not in it alone.

Bottom Line

Million of apps daily come into market; it will become increasingly difficult to gain users’ attention through traditional advertising. The CPIs will help you increase number of clicks, and reaching out to your target audiences and encourage users to install your app.

Why Travel Reservation System a Great Deal for Travel & Tour Operators

The travel booking software is helpful for those who are into the business of tours & travels. This kind of software let anyone to easily maintain and manage their tour reservation system with ease and convenience. It won’t matter what type of business you are operating, be it large or small, only choosing the right software for booking will help you. You can easily get more and more customer; also you can manage the customers in an effective manner.

No Manual Work, No Errors

It is proved that travel booking work when done manually increase chances of errors which in turn leave negative impact on your business. In the manual booking process there might be chances that a person double book the certain package or even forget to make the entry. All this can result into inconvenience to customers. On the other hand, the web based travel reservation systems are designed in such a way that it helps the tour operators to not to make this kind of errors and helps in promotes accuracy.

travel reservation software

Eases Booking Management & Reservation Process

Now, at the end of the day, you do not have to worry about the management of documents & files. With the help of automated travel booking software, you can keep your focus on everything in a straightforward manner. The online reservation software solutions have made everything easy such as the changes you want to make in the booking process, and the way you want to make bookings. Even, you don’t need to have any special knowledge of software & coding to the travel booking software. You can handle this software so easily, even with no experience in such things.

travel reservation system

Fully Automated Features with Advanced Functionality

Previously travel software solutions were able to perform only a few limited functions, as a result travel agency owners had to use different software to handle each individual task. But, today fully automated travel reservation software allows’ users to perform a different kind of tasks without the need to switch to another program. The functions of a fully automated software solution include generation of invoices, bills, itineraries and passenger booking details. It also helps you to manage monitoring employees in your tour & travel firm.

In the End

Eventually, travel booking software helps travel agency to keep up with the pace of this modern life, and this is why it’s so important for a business.